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Eric G. Stocker, OD, is dedicated to helping you see better while feeling comfortable

in your eyewear!

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Our Eye Exams Include:

Our Eye Care Treatments Include:

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•   Complete eye exams

•   Computerized eye exams

•   Glaucoma screening

•   Cataract screening

•   Macular degeneration screening

•   Corneal disease screening

•   Visual field testing

•   Diabetes eye exams

•   optomap retinal imagining


•   Glaucoma treatment

•   Eye disease treatment

•   Foreign body removal

•   Pink eye treatment

•   Red eye treatment

•   Allergy treatment

•   Dry eye treatment

•   Astigmatism treatment

•   Near sightedness treatment

•   Far sightedness treatment


Serving Amherst, OH and Lorain County for over 28 years, Eric G. Stocker, OD, and Stanley N. Lutz, OD, provide complete eye care exams and treatments to patients, from cataract screening to visual aid testing.


Drs. Stocker and Lutz strive to improve your vision while improving your eyes’ comfort. Ask about our optomap® retinal imagining service or our astigmatism treatment.